Ice climbing

One unreal feeling at one moment on one place, adrenalin spouting out of your ears, victory over yourself, friendship, pure trust and you may get a new philosophy of life.

Caution! Danger of getting immediate addiction!

Luční bouda provides great possibilities of winter mountain sports and activities thanks to its unique location. Teaching ice climbing takes place on the artificial ice climbing wall next to Luční bouda  or in some chosen parts of Krkonoše such as the Elbe valley (at the end of the foot path “Keep fit”) not far from Labská bouda.

Everything proceeds under the leadership of experienced trainers or mountain guides under the auspices of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations UIAGM in compliance with the regulations set by the administration of the National Park Krkonoše KRNAP.

What is awaiting you?
• Courses for beginners and advanced
• Climbing up ice walls – Krkonoše
• Mountain climbing

We will teach you basic techniques necessary for safe tackling of climbing terrain.

The adventure contains:
• Presentation of climbing equipment
• Learning the technique of correct belaying and roping
• Learning the correct communication between you and your climbing partner
• Learning the essentials of moving in ice climbing terrain 
• Certificate of completion of the adventure

Advanced courses contain:
• belaying from a suspended stand
• introduction of equipment used for advancement belaying and its specificities
• setting up advancement belaying
• training of specific climbing techniques
• mountain climbing, ice walls climbing

• Labská bouda (or  Luční bouda) 

• Will be specified
• Courses for groups can be agreed on individually

• sport clothes for a long stay in winter conditions

• will be specified later
• the price doesn´t include accommodation  in the hotel Labská bouda, we provide 10% accommodation discount

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