Several tourist paths from various directions cross near Labská bouda. The red and green trail from the spring of the rive Elbe and from the mountain chalet Vosecká bouda, the red one to the waterfall Pančavský vodopád, the yellow one to Sněžné jámy, the green one to the chalet Martinova bouda and the blue one to the valley of the river Mumlava toward Harrachov.

Have a look at the most popular tourist paths going past Labská bouda and starting in Horní Mísečky, Špindlerův Mlýn, Špindlerovy boudy (mountain chalets), Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou or in Szklarska Poreba. There are many possibilities to choose…

From Horní Mísečky  

From Horní Mísečky along the supply road

if you want to walk comfortably along a wide road

From Horní Mísečky – the shortest way

along the marked paths and then above the waterfall Pančavský vodopád

From Špindlerův Mlýn  

From Špindlerův Mlýn along the Elbe Valley

past the confluence of the rivers Labe and Bílé Labe, along the Elbe Valley and past the waterfall Labský vodopád

From Špindlerův Mlýn past the mountain chalet Medvědí boudy

past Dívčí lávky (the confluence of the rivers Labe and Bílé Labe) the mountain chalets Medvědí boudy and Martinova bouda

From Špindlerův Mlýn along the mountain ridge past the mountain chalet Petrova bouda

from the ridge there is a beautiful view of the Polish as well as the Czech side of the mountains and of Sněžné jámy (Snowy Pits)

From Špindlerův Mlýn along Vodovodní cesta (Water line road)

from Špindlerův Mlýn along Vodovodní cesta (red marked tourist path) to Horní Mísečky and then along the footpath past the waterfall Pančavský vodopád

From Špindlerova bouda  

From the mountain chalet Špindlerova bouda along the mountain range

past the chalet Petrova bouda, over the rocks Dívčí kameny and Mužské kameny and above Sněžné jámy

From Harrachov  

From Harrachov along the river Mumlava

you can see the waterfall Mumlavský vodopád and continue along the valley of Mumlava as far as the Elbe meadow

From Rokytnice nad Jizerou  

From Rokytnice nad Jizerou

past the mountain chalet Dvoračky, the mountain Kotel and Růženčina zahrádka (Little garden of Sleeping Beauty)

From Szklarska Poreba  

From Szklarska Poreba

go up from the Polish side of the mountains over Pod Labskim Szczytem to Sněžné jámy

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