History of Labská bouda

The history of Labská bouda started in 1830, when a woman of great enterprise called die Blasse built a small shack of stones, bark and brushwood and used to sell goat cheese, milk and spirits.

Later owners, the family Devát a Šíra from Rokytnice nad Jizerou extended the former simple building to accommodate people.

In years 1878-1879 the building was rebuilt by earl Harrach and enlarged by next extension in the years 1888-1889. He established here the first nature reserve in Krkonoše mountains in 1904. Labská bouda was very popular. The guests could enjoy the traditional Krkonoše sour soup, “hairy” dumplings with cracklings and sauerkraut or home-made local bread.

At Easter on 24 March 1913 the international 50km race took place in the surrounding of Labská bouda. The weather was very nice when it began (the competitors started lightly dressed) but it changed into the hell. The competition had to be cancelled and all competitors, except Bohumil Hanč, were stopped. His friend, the skier Václav Vrbata set out after him, he found him exhausted and frozen stiff and he gave him his clothes. However, both of them died in big snowstorm. Václav Vrbata was found frozen in the place of today´s mound on the rise Vrbatovo návrší, Bohumil Hanč was found dying of hypothermia in the place of today´s Hanč small monument not far from the waterfall Pančavský and he died in Labská bouda.

From the year 1934 Bedřich Hloušek was the tenant of Labská bouda. He was a significant lover of mountains and a patriot, whose life ended after being arrested by Gestapo. Later the building was rented by Josef Zapadlo. On 6 November 1965 the building burned down because of craftsmen´s careless manipulation with a petrol lamp.

On 12 June 1969 the foundation stone of a new building was laid. This modern, nine-storeyed ferroconcrete building was opened on 15 November 1975. The hotel was designed by architect Zdeněk Říhák. It is situated in a slope and the main entrance is in the level of the top floor. The hotel has 79 rooms with a total capacity of 120 guests and two restaurants.

The hotel was run by the state-owned enterprise Krkonošské hotely to 1996. In October 1996 Labská bouda was sold to a private owner in the privatization.

Since September 2012 the hotel has been run by the company AEZZ a.s., which also owns and runs the hotel Luční bouda. The same as Luční bouda has been flourishing during the last year, Labská bouda will be rebuilt into a condition that will improve its appearance and offer the visitors accommodation of better quality and new possibilities of spending time in beautiful highest parts of Krkonoše mountains.