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    Special offer 2+2 – one night in the hotel Luční bouda FREE

    You can get one night free at a two-day stay in the hotel Luční bouda to an accommodation for two and more nights in the hotel Labská bouda.
    Visit the hotel, where beer “PAROHÁČ” is brewed and watch the sunrise from the nearby Sněžka, the highest Czech mountain. Více

Hotel Labská bouda

Hotel Labská bouda is a favourite halt of tourists going to the spring of the river Elbe.

It is situated in the first zone of the National park Krkonoše in the altitude of 1340 m on the Elbe meadow not far from Špindlerův Mlýn. Other starting points for a trip to Labská bouda can be for instance Horní Mísečky, Harrachov or Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

The spring of the river Elbe often visited by tourists rises several hundreds meters from the hotel. The river Elbe runs directly past the hotel and it makes a 35 meters high Elbewaterfall falling below the hotel into the wonderful Elbe ravine. The waterfall itself is followed by a 200 meters long stretch of rocky rapids. 

The highest Czech waterfall Pančavský vodopád with a height of 148m is only 1 km far from the hotel Labská bouda approximately midway between Labská bouda and Vrbatova bouda, where you can get by bus in summer.

Concerning its location Labská bouda is a remarkable landmark and a parting of the ways into six directions.

This modern building from 1975 has the same name as the guesthouse which burnt down in 1965. The original guesthouse was built in the half of the 19.th century and rebuilt in years i1878-79 by earl Harrach. However, it is said that already around the year 1830 a woman of great enterprise used to sell goat products and spirits to the passers-by and she used to have a small shack of stones, bark and brushwood. In German the first building on this place was known as Elbbaude or Elbfallbaude (Elbe Chalet or Elbewaterfall Chalet)

The access road runs from Horní Mísečky, however there is no entry of private vehicular traffic. You can take the bus from Horní Mísečky to the mountain chalet Vrbatova bouda and then walk 2,3 km along a path with magnific views into the Elbe ravine and of the waterfall Pančavský vodopád.

Labská bouda is the seat of solar and ozone observatory of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute in Hradec Králové and the permanent weather station is located here.

Since September 2012 the hotel has been run by the company AEZZ a.s., which also owns and runs the hotel Luční bouda. The company has great plans with the hotel Labská bouda and they intend to restore its bygone fame. The visitors can thus use the both best known hotels in Krkonoše mountains to stay on the Krkonoše ridges.

Both hotels are open all year round for those who´d like to eat, warm themselves up or to shelter in any weather or just have home-baked goods or a glass of beer Paroháč made in mini brewery in Luční bouda.   


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